Horsenality, who are you? ‘The naughthy, playful horse’ (Left Brain Extrovert)

Horsenality, Left Brain Extrovert

The Basic of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method, Horsenality: Left Brain Extrovert



Today we have our first mystery guest on Parelli’s Survival Guide. After my article on Horsenality™ from last week I was able to get an interview with one of the four horsenalities. Let’s discover who is or she is and what he/she has to say.

–      Me: ‘Hello, mystery guest, how are you today?’
–      Guest: ‘Well, I am fine! Thank you for asking.’
–      Me: ‘Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?’
–      Guest: ‘Well, some call me naughty other playful. I am always a challenge to my trainers.’
–      Me: ‘So you must be Left Brain Extrovert! Nice to meet you! How are you?’
–      LBE: ‘That’s right, good job guessing that so fast. Nice to meet you to. I am fine, I have already told you that! I am getting a little bit bored…’
–      Me: ‘Apologies, I did not want to bore you. May I ask you a few questions?’
–      LBE: ‘Sure, but do it quick, otherwise I might get bored’.
–      Me: ‘Your motto?’
–      LBE: ‘Life is a game and I make the rules.’
–      Me: ‘Who is your favorite Disney figure?
–      LBE: ‘Spirit, the free stallion’
–      Me: ‘What’s your favorite song?’
–      LBE: ‘Pink, get this party started’
–      Me: ‘Well, thank you for your time! I hope I did not bore you too much?’
–      LBE: ‘That was just fine. Bye, have a nice day!’

And he went out as quickly as he came in.

Left-Brain Extrovert, who are you?

A Left Brain Extrovert horse is a horse who is playful, naughty, quickly bored but a fast learner. To keep him entertained and motivated, he needs quick, intensive sessions, with a lot, lot of fun and games. The down side of being playful is that it can quickly turn into naughty, if he get bored. Keep things interesting for him and don’t hesitate to play little tricks on him: he won’t hesitate to play them on you! Also remember this: move his feet and he will give you full attention and motivation.

Your energy, attitude and mindset are also really important: no fake it until you make it here with this one. To have a successful session with a Left Brain Extrovert horse, you need to smile, be enthusiast and have a lot of fun as well! Never punish him or try to be the boss of him: you’ll achieve a lot more by playing with him than try to dominate him.

If you are entertaining and inspiring him, you will make from your Left Brain Extrovert horse a partner for life.



‘Horsenalities’… What is it exactly?


Today I want to introduce one of the basic concept of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method: Horsenalities™.

The word is a mix of the words ‘horse’ and ‘personalities’. Do I need to say more?… Uh, yes, please!

The concept of Horsenalities™ was developed by Linda Parelli while she was observing Pat Parelli at work with different horses. Although he achieved great results with all of them, the approach was slightly different from one horse to the other. Linda brought it back to four different personalities of horses, or Horsenalities™: Left Brain Extrovert, Left Brain Introvert, Right Brain Extrovert and Right Brain Introvert. Respectively abbreviated LBE, LBI, RBE and RBI both on the internet and in the common language of Parelli students. When confronted to new situations, Left Brain horses are more prone to react by thinking first, Right Brain horses will react on emotions. Extrovert horses will ‘explode’, introvert horses will turn into themselves and shut you down.

Why would you want to know this? Why is it so important?

Because it gives everyone the tools to asses the components of the Horsenality™ of his or her horse and to chose the best method to train him or her.

To give you a first impression, let’s look at the following diagram:

The four Horsenalities™ according to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method

The four Horsenalities™ according to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method

It is based on adjectives that people use to describe their horse. Most of the riders say things like ‘my horse is lazy’ or ‘mine is hard to read’. Without being conscious of it, they give their horses personalities, or Horsenalities™.

To determine which Horsenality™ or Horsenalities™ may be playing a role in your horse’s personality, it is very simple: you just have to fill a chart with positive and negative aspects of your horse’s personality. This gives you a good example of how your horse is at that moment. Of course, some things might never change and are in the nature of your horse, but the goal of the Parelli method is to improve the negative aspects of this nature. That’s why I want to share a second diagram with you:

The ideal positive attitude of the four Horsenalities™

The ideal positive attitude of the four Horsenalities™

It shows you the ideal attitude for each of the four Horsenalities™. The naughty Left Brain Extrovert becomes willing and cooperative, the crazy Right Brain Extrovert calms down, the  lazy/stubborn Left Brain Introvert gets motivated  and the fearful Right Brain Introvert becomes a trusting partner.

As you can see, Horsenalities™ are not an excuse! Even a challenging horse can become a nice partner.

I will look more in details at every Horsenality™ in a serie of other articles… Stay tuned!